Shakeup Cosmetics

Solution-driven skincare and makeup for menShakeup is a pioneering new concept in men's skin care, offering simple, easy-to-use skin care products and hybrid cosmetics for ordinary men. They are unique formulas specially designed with men's skin type and concerns in mind. This innovative new line blurs barriers between effective skin care and color correcting cosmetics.

About Shakeup Cosmetics

An increasing number of men want to look well-groomed and this gives them more self-confidence. Although it is sometimes claimed not, there is indeed a difference between a man's skin and a woman's skin. Men's skin is up to 25% thicker and produces more sebum and as a result, men's skin more often suffers from larger pores and skin imperfections. Shaving too much can irritate the skin and make it more vulnerable to redness.

Shakeup was founded by twin brothers Shane Carnell-Xu and Jake Xu, who have suffered from rosacea since their teens. After years of searching for the perfect cosmetic products, which have been specially developed for men, they started their own brand in 2018 out of dissatisfaction with what was on the market. Shakeup is solution-oriented skin care and colored cosmetics in one and meets all the wishes that men can have today in terms of skin care and colored cosmetics. Proudly formulated and produced in the UK, all products are vegan and always cruelty-free. Shakeup are hybrid products with unique formulas that are not only effective and problem-solving, but also very convenient to use due to the practical unique packaging.