Find Easter Eggs and receive gifts!

The best gifts for Easter

Beauty bunnies, pay attention: browse NOW on and find one of the Easter eggs. How do you do that? We explain it here in a few steps. Really, it's that easy.

#1: Hop & don't stop: find the beauty eggs
Find the purple eggs on our site.

#2: Found it?
Did you find a gift egg? Then add the egg to your shopping bag.

#3: Go to the beauty brand
Now find the full size beauty product you would like to order within the same brand as the Easter egg.

#4: Put the gift egg in your basket
Put the egg (a gift or travel size) and the full size product (of the same brand) in your shopping cart.*

#5: More brands to order
Repeat this for every beauty brand you would like to order products from.

#6: Complete your order
Yoo hoo, hop quickly to the payment section! Because you will receive an extra Easter gift with your COSMANIA order. Happy Easter to all COSMANIACS!**

* No present / gift without the purchase of a full size product. Only 1 gift egg per brand, per person
** All products ordered Saturday to Monday (Easter weekend) are shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday.
** If you cannot add the gift-egg to your basket, it means the promotion of that specific brand is sold out, search for other eggs ;-)

Pixi Easter Party // SOLD OUT

Are you also celebrating an Easter party @ home this weekend? And are you just going to have a party for yourself @home every weekend? Then of course you clean your skin well before bed and remove all party makeup. Quickly search for the purple Pixi egg with the PIXI Makeup Melting Cleaning Cloths travel size gift (10 wipes) with your purchase of a full size Pixi product. So you get up every day with radiant skin!


An Easter fresh face  // SOLD OUT

Start the day with a fresh face and receive the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel travel size (59ml) with your Mario Badescu purchase! This non-foaming Enzyme Cleansing Gel is free form soap and oil and cleans without drying your skin. The Mario Badescu cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types and soft enough for normal to dry skin. Papaya and grapefruit extract reduce dullness and prevent pimples or blackheads. The delicious citrus scent gives a fresh feeling.

Paula loves Easter  // SOLD OUT

Go fast, go furious and find the gift from Paula's Choice: The Unscrub travel size (15ml), for free with the purchase of a full size Paula's Choice product. This is a facial cleanser with flexible jojoba balls that dissolve while you exfoliate. This makes it impossible to exfoliate too hard and does not damage your skin (what other scrubs can do). So no red, irritated or dry skin because your skin remains intact and healthy.

Easter best hands gift  // SOLD OUT

Do you want soft hands and strong nails? Then quickly look for the Aurelia gift: Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream in travel size (7,5 ml), with the purchase of a full size Aurelia Probiotic Skincare product.. This hand cream intensively nourishes and prevents pigmentation. The result? Soft, younger-looking hands and well-groomed, strong nails. The cream absorbs quickly, so no greasy film is left behind.

Be radiant at Easter  // SOLD OUT

Mask on with Milu's Mud Sheet Mask! This purifying clay mask makes your skin soft again, cleans your pores and combats redness. The mask contains two clays: kaolin clay and bentonite clay. It can be your gift, in a full size with the purchase of a Milu product!

It will be a sunny Easter weekend  // SOLD OUT

Quickly find your gift from Mimitika: the Face Cream SPF50 in travel size (10ml) with the purchase of a full size Mimitika product. It protects against all UV rays, is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy or white film and ... accelerates the natural tanning process of the skin. It will be a very sunny Easter when you find this Mimitika gift!

Yes, even more gift eggs!  // SOLD OUT

Give yourself or your loved one the Malin+Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil (travel size, 2ml), an anti-aging facial treatment based on nine natural oils. This luxurious oil formula tackles skin aging such as lines and gives the skin a healthy glow. For example, jojoba and argan oil tackle wrinkles, rosehip and grape seed oil ensure a healthy complexion and geranium oil inhibits inflammation such as pimples. You have to have this one, with the purchase of a full size Malin+Goetz product.

In the clouds  // SOLD OUT

A gift for your skin is Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream (travel size, 7,5ml). This concentrated cream with no less than 30% hyaluronic acid provides your skin with a dewy mist of moisture. Lines and wrinkles become less visible because the moisture content of the skin returns to the correct level. Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream is oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Go go go and find the egg and add it to your basket next to the purchase of a full size Peter Thomas Roth product.

Perfect Easter tint  // SOLD OUT

Hurry, hurry! Find this Erborian duo gift: the CC Cream Clair and the CC Cream Doré (both in travel size, both 5ml) wit the purchase of a full size Erborian product. The CC Cream helps to smooth your skin and camouflage imperfections or blemishes. The CC Cream has an SPF25 and is enriched with centella asiatica, a plant extract with healing properties. The cream is white but, as soon as it touches the skin, it takes on a color that adapts to your skin tone. You also want to know this Korean secret for a perfect complexion? Is it skin care or makeup? It's both, so find that egg quickly!

More volume at Easter  // SOLD OUT

The perfect gift for your hair: Living Proof Full Conditioner (travel size, 30ml) with the purchase of a full-size Living Proof product. It's the conditioner that transforms fine hair into thicker-looking hair. This lightweight conditioner maximizes the thickness of the hair and repels dirt and grease so that the hair stays clean longer. The formula is free from sulfate, silicone and oil. Full Conditioner is not only suitable for thin and fine hair, it is also safe for colored and chemically treated hair.

Fragrant gift  // SOLD OUT

Always a big boost for a happy Easter mood are the shower gels from Korres. You can never have enough of that, right? Smell the figs in Fig Showergel, the rose buds in Japanese Rose Showergel or the grapes in Santorini Showergel .... So look quickly for the Korres gift egg, a travelsized showergel (40ml) with the purchase of a full size Korres product!

Pai for Easter  // SOLD OUT

Eaten too many chocolate eggs and having a pimple now? Then quickly find the purple egg with the PAI Balancing Act Kit (travel sizes, 2x 10ml, 1x 2 ml) gift with the purchase of a full size Pai Skincare product. The three Pai Skincare products in this kit all work well for an acne-prone skin. This way you have a smooth skin in no time.


* No present / gift without the purchase of a full size product. Only 1 gift egg per brand, per person
** All products ordered Saturday to Monday (Easter weekend) are shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday.
*** If you cannot add the gift-egg to your basket, it means the promotion of that specific brand is sold out, search for other eggs ;-)