15 ways to use Squalan!

By COSMANIA - 22 February 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare
Squalan skincare

One of the gems of our Squalan skincare range is the Pure Facial Oil. We can’t live without it! The ingredient of this oil is 100% vegetable and identical to a substance that naturally occurs in our skin. The Pure Facial Oil helps your skin recover by giving back what naturally belongs in it. The Pure Facial Oil can be used in many different ways, try for yourself!

1. Pure takes care of the skin
The Pure oil consists of the ingredient squalane, which restores your skins natural balance. This means that dry skin will be better hydrated and an oily skin will be less oily. It also makes your skin glow, which makes the Pure your natural highlighter.

2. Pure takes care of your nails
Do you have dry cuticles? Apply one drop of Pure to dissolve this problem. Pure also strengthens dry en fragile nails.

3. Pure mixes well with your foundation
Sometimes your foundation starts to wear off during the day. When it feels very dry on your skin after a long day, you can use a drop of Pure to refresh your skin.

4. Pure helps you to gain control of your baby hairs
We all know the problem of those short baby hairs that never look the way you want them to. A little bit of Pure can help you to tame these hairs.

5. Pure makes dry skin feel hydrated and soft
Especially during winter, dry skin and a red nose are common problems. You can use some Pure to make your skin soft again.

6. Pure can fix your eyebrows
Don’t have any eyebrow gel at your disposal? Don’t worry! Use a drop of Pure to fix your eyebrows.

7. Pure supports dry feet
Take care of dry skin on your feet by using the Pure oil to make your skin soft again and repair it if necessary.

8. Pure is a good basis for a scrub
Both the Pure and moisturizer are good products to use in a scrub.

9. Pure can prevent upper legs scraping against each other
Many women have to put up with it every summer: upper legs scraping against each other. Massage some Pure into these spots to repair the skin and to make sure it doesn’t scrape.

10. Pure looks after your lips
Torn lips? Can your lips and the skin around them use some extra love? A drop of Pure can work magic!

11. Pure hydrates your neck and décolletage
You shouldn’t forget to take care of these areas! Use 1 to 2 drops on your face as well as your décolletage and neck to nurture your skin.

12. Pure repairs split ends
When you haven’t had the time to visit the hairdresser and you start to notice split ends, you can use the Pure as a hair serum. A small drop will suffice.

13. Pure nourishes your eyelashes
Did you know that our Pure takes care of your eyelashes too? By nightly applying some Pure on cleaned eyelashes you can improve their state and condition.

14. Pure can prevent hair-dye from staining
Every woman who dyes her own hair needs a bottle of Pure! By applying the oil on the hairline, you prevent the hair-dye from leaving stains on your facial skin.

15. Pure softens the skin on your elbows
Last but not least, you can use the Pure to soften the skin on your elbows (and even your knees!). You only need a little bit of oil to nourish your skin.