Agonist parfums, a new expression in fragrances

By COSMANIA - 10 October 2018 - Fragrances

Agonist Parfums is a Swedish fragrance brand launched in 2008. Initially featuring one product, the range now presents 10 unisex fragrances, each one characterized by a combination of natural fragrances presented in handcrafted Swedish glass. Today Agonist is regarded as one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes.

The unique and dramatic artistic expression from Agonist is derived from the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture. With a distinct focus on details, artistic expression and sustainability Agonist creates unique unisex fragrances based on natural ingredients in collaboration with renowned perfumers.

Every Agonist fragrance is created in close collaboration with renowned perfumers dedicated to the traditional art of fine perfumery.
Their painstaking work is then presented in individually sculptured Swedish glass, created in a unique collaboration with award-winning glass artist Åsa Jungnelius of world-renowned glassmakers, Kosta Boda, situated in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden.

Furthermore, Agonist only creates sustainable products and every detail is exclusively developed with environmental respect and a sustainable approach to the use of raw materials.
With respect for the ancient perfume maker’s craft and a commitment to compliment this through applying a contemporary approach and Scandinavian vision, Agonist is a unique fragrance and the ultimate expression of timeless beauty. Agonist is challenging both the ancient art of perfumemaking and the traditional craft of glassblowing with their unique and artistic vision.

The Agonist fragrance collection comes in both a Sculpture Line (on demand) and a Spray Line. Haute Couture and Pret a porter. Enjoy Agonist Parfums at COSMANIA!