Antipodes Skincare: Next level organic skincare!

By COSMANIA - 16 February 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare

Have you met Antipodes skincare? Antipodes is a very innovative, science-based and organic beauty brand. Founder Elizabeth Berbalich from New Zealand completely changed course about 10 years ago and chose a natural and healthy life: "I couldn't find healthy skincare that was good enough anywhere. I saw a big gap in the market for a cool avant-garde, niche brand that would rise the standards natural skincare. This became Antipodes Skincare."

To launce her skincare brand 10 years ago, Elizabeth leaned on her science background. She managed to get the coveted scolarship at the United Stated Surgical Corporation. After a very impressive track record in the development of laptroscopic instrument sales (minimal invasive surgery), Elizabeth new that innovation is the key to success. Elizabeth says: "After years of working alongside surgeons at the OR's, I have learned a rigorous approach, and there is no room for error in surgery." This vision is what Antipodes Skincare stads for. With endless research and numerous formulas, Elizabeth experimented on her own sensitive and dry skin. "This is something I still do and I am still working on innovating our formulas every day because we do not compromise on quality."

As a child, she grew up in the natural areas of Canterbury New Zealand and when creating a family of her own, a passion for a natural lifestyle arose. "My husband Zoran became very interested in natural health, and took care of the whole family by providing us with natural and healthy food: raw juices and supplements, and even with three children who were younger than 4 years old, I felt better than ever!" This interest spread to the household; such as non-toxic and natural cleaning products. Eventually they came out with skin care. She traveled the world to find the best and highest quality natural skincare that could care for her dry and sensitive skin. After many faled attempts, she decided to make it herself.

After years of research and experimentation, the high-tech certified organic beauty brand Antipodes Skincare was born. Antipodes Skincare combines highly advanced science with the highest quality of ingredients from superfoods and other exotic extracts from the New Zealand nature. With this Elizabeth has developed a beauty brand that suits every age and every skin type. It is therefore suitable for both men and women! Even vegans can use this innovative high-quality beauty brand.

Antipodes Skincare is already sold worldwide in 13 countries and has a strong and loyal following, including many celebrities. The products of Antipodes Skincare have already won several prizes in the beauty and health industry and the brand receives lots of favorable reviews from users. For example, the Antipodes Immortal Spf 15 (winner Natural Health Beauty Awards), the Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser (Best Organic Skincare Product), Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum (Best Serum at Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards), Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream (Winner Natural Health Beauty Awards).

Therefore, we are very pleased that we have been able to add these beauties to our assortment! Discover all Antipodes Skincare products quickly!