Discover the power of nature with Santaverde.

By COSMANIA - 18 April 2024 - Skincare

Discover the power of nature with Santaverde

Explore the realm of natural skincare with Santaverde! This fantastic brand is renowned for its pure, organically certified ingredients and luxurious formulas that nurture and illuminate your skin. Dive into the world of Santaverde today! Treat yourself to the luxurious experience of Santaverde skincare products. Below, you'll find a selection of our favorite items. 

Gentle toner 

Aloe Vera Toner Sensitive is a gentle embrace for sensitive, mature, and dry skin. This toner has a balancing effect and gently stimulates your skin's natural vitality. With pure aloe vera juice and precious rose water, your skin is regenerated, activated, and renewed in a gentle and effective manner. The result? A fresh, clear, and fortified complexion. Spray onto your face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing with Santaverde Aloe Vera cleanser or Santaverde Aloe Vera gel.   

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Silky blend 

Let your skin glow with the Beauty Elixir Extra Rich, a silky blend of 100% pure and organically certified oils. This elixir intensely nourishes your skin, supports natural regeneration, stimulates collagen production, and enhances elasticity. Specifically designed for dry, sensitive, and mature skin, this elixir is a true source of nutrients and antioxidants. Its luxurious formula provides your skin with everything it needs to become more resilient, supple, and smooth! 

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Age Perfect  

Seeking a youthful radiance? Try the XINGU Age Perfect Cream, a nourishing anti-aging facial cream specially formulated to firm the skin. This cream contains an elixir of aloe vera and cashew fruit, enriched with omega 9 ceramides from olive oil and powerful active ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest. Specifically developed for demanding and dry skin, this cream smooths and softens the skin. 

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Calm down   

Enjoy the refreshing sensation of the Aloe Vera Cream Medium, a cream based on pure aloe vera that lightly nourishes the skin and promotes cell renewal while restoring moisture balance. Enriched with valuable oils from grape seeds, avocado, and kukui nuts, this gentle cream protects your skin and maintains its optimal elasticity and suppleness. 

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The Allround Balm for Lips and Dry Areas is a nourishing lifesaver for your lips and dry skin zones. With regenerating mango pit and shea butter, it delivers nourishing lipids to the skin and protects against dehydration. Simply apply the balm with your fingertips to dry skin and massage gently. Its restorative oils also make it suitable for scar care. 

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