Entering 2024 with a glow : Make-up tips for New Year’s Eve

21 december 2023

Entering 2024 with a glow : Make-up tips for New Year’s Eve

As we count down the last days of the year and make plans for an unforgettable New Year's Eve, we can't forget that a great outfit also requires a beautiful makeup look. New Year's Eve is the party of the year where you can go all out. Are you looking for some make-up tips? In this blog we share a number of products and tips so that you can create a festive make-up look! 

Flawless skin 

Always start with a good base. The Uoga Uoga BB Cream is subtle and natural: you get a more even and smoother skin without it looking like you are wearing makeup! The light texture melts evenly over the skin and fades impurities such as redness and pigmentation. Blend this BB cream with a sponge or brush for a natural, even look. Tip! BB Cream is makeup and skincare in one! This BB cream from UOGA UOGA contains oils rich in amino acids and vitamins. In order for these ingredients to do their job properly, it is important that you let the BB cream settle on your face before you go to the next step in your makeup routine! 

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The ultimate eye-catcher

New Year's Eve is of course all about glitter and glamor and a chromatic eye look is the way to shine this year. ILIA Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint is a natural water-based eye shadow with a lot of pigment. This product applies like a cream, but dries like a shiny powder. The neutral and vibrant metallic shade is easy to apply, blends effortlessly into the skin and lasts all day. This product is specially made for a 'foolproof' application, with which you can create both soft and striking looks. Tip! Apply this product to your lower eyelid and the inner corner of your eyes to accentuate your eye shape even more.

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Kissable lips 

You can never go wrong with a beautiful red lipstick! CTZN Cosmetics Code Red lipstick shade Pula is a matte lipstick with a high concentration of pigments and raspberry leaf extract that contains remarkable moisture-restoring properties. It fights the formation of wrinkles by keeping the hydrolipidic film of the lips intact. Tip! Do you want the color of your lipstick to really stand out? Then first apply some foundation or BB cream over your lips. This ensures that the pigments of your lipstick don’t fade away. 

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Don’t forget the brows! 

Enter the new year with beautiful eyebrows! The Weekender Overnight Brow Tint from The BrowGal is an innovative 'peel-off eyebrowstain' that gives you full, perfectly defined eyebrows that last three days. With the precise brush for easy application, this shade provides the most natural results for all hair colors. Apply this product over clean eyebrows before bed, so that the formula has time to color skin and eyebrow hairs while you sleep. Tip! Gently scrub the skin around your eyebrows to remove all dead skin cells. This way you create a more even result and the brow tint lasts longer.

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Lock that make-up 

Want to make your make-up last all night? The Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist extends the life of your makeup, so it stays flawless all night. Spritz this makeup fixing mist under or over your makeup to keep foundation and eye shadow intact for longer. In addition, this mist allows makeup powder to melt into the skin for a more natural look and ensures that foundation and concealer do not settle into fine lines. Tip! One way to ensure your whole face is covered, is to spray the product over your face in an “X” shape and then again in a “T” shape. 

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Nail artist at home

No time to do your nails? With the Coucou Semi-Cured Nail Wraps Burgundy Bliss you can create a beautiful manicure at home in no time! The Coucou wraps are made of real gel nail polish that is already 60% hardened. After the wraps have been applied, harden them to 100% for just 60 seconds under the Coucou Mini LED Lamp and you are ready to go! The wraps are strong and remain beautiful on the nails for at least 12 days. Tip! Add 1 coat of top coat for extra shine and cure for another 60s. 

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