Frapin VSOP & Frapin Parfums, an empire of flavors and smells

By COSMANIA - 15 October 2018 - Fragrances

At the family Frapin it's all about cognac for centuries. Since 1270 they strive for perfection at Château de Font Pinot in the heart of Grande Champagne. This passion made them the most famous manufacturer of Frapin VSOP cognac and champagne.
What has this to do with perfume? From 1995, everything! With the same passion for perfection, granddaughter Beatrice Cointreau created together with the 'cellar master' of the house a refined fragrance in honor of cognac. "The first and the only cognac perfume in the world". It was named "1270," a nod to the year that symbolizes the beginning of Frapin. They went next to 'spirits' in eau de parfum.
The first fragrance should not smell like cognac, that would be too easy. It had to be a perfume reminiscent of the life at the Chateau Font Pinot, with the vineyards and the distillation process.
As grandfather Pierre Frapin ordered to the nose, "A moment when I open my window in the morning and have a view over the hills and vineyards and see the sun rise, which makes the mist quickly evaporate. Or the feeling I have when I am sitting at the fireplace at night, with a glass of brandy and think about the day. Or that time in spring when nature awakens and there is a scent of blooming blossoms around the Chateau. Or the memory of myself when I was a child and I visited the warehouses in the port of Bordeaux with my father. There was the spicy fragrance of the spices which had brought the ships of their journeys to the East or the West Coast. "

The success of the perfume was too much for the family and they had to choose between making cognac or making perfumes. Pierre chose to keep the 700 year old family tradition alive and brought the fragrance line under the specialists. Since 1995, a French perfume fragrances produces for the agency P. Frapin & Cie. Pierre Frapin has of course stipulated that all new scents are developed based on his original idea: "Life in and around the Chateau Font Pinot".

Frapin takes you to places of perfect beauty, atmosphere, party and seduction. The delicious rich flavor, colors, smells and sensations harmony. More then 10 scents are enchanting and luxurious. They all tell their own piece of the family Frapin and the times in which they lived. Discover at COSMANIA which piece of history you like best!