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By COSMANIA - 08 July 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz , Haircare

Living Proof always brings "mind blowing" new products to the market so that your hair is guaranteed to look good! And you yourself are "the Living Proof"!
Living Proof scientists have now developed a new groundbreaking Color Care system with new sulfate-free products.They protect your hair against hard water, UV radiation, external influences and they keep your color 2x longer! That's a nice combination. So make your hair summer-proof with this latest sunny trio from Living Proof!

The Science
Sun Protection Factor (SPF), is in many skincare products, but is almost never used in hair care. Not because hair products cannot protect from the sun, but because assigning an SPF value can lead you to think that your hair conditioner could also be used on your skin and get the same protection. Unfortunately this does not work this way.

Many of the ingredients in hair care products are positively charged and are electrostatically attracted to the negatively charged hair, just like magnets. This appeal ensures that ingredients remain on hair even when your hair is wet. The ingredients only disappear from the hair if you use something with an even stronger negative charge to remove them. Actually, this works as an extra large magnet - in this case, a purifying shampoo, such as Triple Detox.

Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner

For the Color Care line, Living Proof has selected UV absorbing materials that are positively charged. So when you wash your hair with the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, these UV absorbers stick well to the hair surface. Like the SPF factor in skin care, they absorb UV light and protect the hair from color fading.

Make your hair summer proof

Like whipped cream

Whipped Glaze is specially designed for colored hair. There are two variants, one specially developed for blondes and hair with highlights and the other for dark shades. Both release transient, cationically charged dyes. This reduces the dull glow in the hair and gives the hair a boost, making it look vibrant again. In addition, Whipped Glaze makes the hair soft, manageable and easier to comb. It protects against UV radiation and removes hard water minerals.

Which one is yours?

Perfect hair everywhere

Pack your bag with all Living Proof must-haves adapted to your hair type! Create that healthy, shiny perfect coupe while traveling with the handy travel sizes from Living Proof!

On the road with Living Proof
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