Natural perfection with Erborian!

By COSMANIA - 25 August 2018 - Makeup , Skincare

K-Beauty is taking over the world and we understand completely! Korean skincare is groundbraking and innovative. The Korean-French brand Erborian combines the worlds of K-beauty and French luxury for skin-enhancing products full of natural ingredients. And finally Erborian is available in the Netherlands!

The best-selling CC and BB Creams from Erborian are the perfect way to combine skincare and make-up. These hybrid creams are enriched with ginseng root that Erborian grows themselves in Korea. For 2000 years, the rejuvenating and protective properties of Ginseng are used in traditional Korean skincare.

And we love it! The BB & CC Creams are the way to improve the quality of your skin and give you an instant smooth and healthy appearance. The CC Cream stands for Colour Correcting Cream; this lightweight cream has white colour but when you apply the cream to your face is transforms into a colour that matches your skintone best. Soft pigments even out your skin and give you a healthy glowy finish. We find Erborian's CC Cream perfect for normal to dry skin that needs a boost!

The "No-Makeup-Makeup-Look" is easier to accomplish then you think with Erborian's BB Creams. BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm and they a nothing but raving reviews. The BB Cream has slightly more coverage than the CC Cream, but still has lightweight texture. The breathable velvet matte finish looks and feels natural; like a second skin. Ideal fo a baby skin effect that stays put all day long! 

And if that wasn't enough, all BB & CC Creams are enriched with SPF so you will be protected agains the harmful radiantion of the sun. Skincare, makeup and protection all in one!

In Korea they believe that skin needs to radiate from healthy and we Cosmanics agree! But you can always give mother nature a little help. That is why Erborian has various 'glow' prodcuts. The Glow Cream, for example, has a beautiful pink pearl finish that reflects the light so your skin looks smooth and even. The shimmer gives you a glowy effect for a radiant healthy-looking skin within seconds!

A healthy glow without the shimmer is impossible... No, it's not! The Pink Perfect Cream from Erborian has a soft pink colour to create a 'blurring effect'. in addition, the Pink Perfect Cream fills your pores and makes your skin completely smooth. The satin finish gives you a healthy glow without the shimmer and we love it! Discover all the 'perfecting' products from Erborian here!