New at Cosmania: VENN!

20 July 2020 - Skincare

New at Cosmania: VENN! 

Yessssss! The cult brand VENN is finally for sale in the Netherlands, at COSMANIA! The five high-tech and clinically proven care products are sure to conquer a place on your bathroom shelf. The clean products are designed to streamline a time-consuming skincare routine and prevent ingredients from interfering with each other.

The creation of VENN

Brian Oh, a New York City business attorney, urgently needed a skincare routine that was not only effective, but also safe and efficient. Brian's own multi-step daily routine was over the top - including a toner, essence, serum, ampoules, moisturizer, cream and oil - and he was determined to find a solution that suited his busy lifestyle. The result? VENN! VENN is based on more than 20 years of research and innovation in the field of skin care. Brian Oh works with the leading chemist of the skin care industry in South Korea. VENN is clean, rooted in science, activated by nature and adapted to the modern lifestyle. That is why VENN develops products with real life in mind, in which efficiency and convenience are paramount.


Effective & simple

A typical skincare routine requires applying multiple products in layers - a time consuming, inefficient and inconvenient way to care for the skin, according to VENN founder Brian Oh. In addition, many skin care products are offered in countless variants, for different skin types and various skin problems. VENN's mission is to restore the simplicity of skin care without compromising effectiveness, using clean ingredients and proprietary technologies.

Science & technology

With Concentric Technology as the cornerstone, VENN continuously researches and develops ingredients and formulas to develop a more effective and efficient approach to skin care. This technology has been applied in all five VENN products and is structured as follows:

Composed of three patented technologies that reinforce each other so that ingredients are effectively absorbed and delivered to the skin in the right place.
Delivery Technology: ensures effective delivery of the ingredients so that noticeable results occur.
Solubilization Technology: turns sparingly soluble ingredients that cannot be absorbed through the skin into active ingredients that can be well absorbed.
Hydration Technology: provides both the skin surface and the skin layers with moisture so that the skin remains hydrated for at least 24 hours.

VENN is clean & not tested on animals

VENN tests products for safety and efficacy through clinical trials and never on animals: VENN is not tested on animals from start to finish. All VENN products are formulated without synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates (SLS / SLES), PEG compounds, phenoxyethanol, coal tar and other controversial ingredients that we believe are toxic and unsafe for the skin. Except for VENN Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate all products are vegan.