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By COSMANIA - 09 July 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare

Register and receive a gift from PAI!

PAI organizes on July 16th a virtual event for customers of COSMANIA! You will receive a 1-to-1 online consultation* of 30 minutes from a PAI Sensitive Skin Coach who will explain everything about your (sensitive) skin. Are you participating? Send an email to:

*the consultation is in English

PAI gift for your sensitive skin

Are you participating? When you order € 45 worth of PAI products you will receive PAI Camellia & Rose Cleansing Cream 30 ml + Cloth as a gift!

And an EXTRA 15% discount!

And we have a extra gift: you will receive a 15% discount on ALL PAI products! You receive the discount code after your 1-to-1 online consultation.

PAI's free 1-on-1 consultation on July 16

In 30 minutes, the Sensitive Skin Coach offers holistic advice tailored to your skin & lifestyle. She will first ask you some questions about, for example, your sleeping pattern and your stress level. You'll immediately increase your knowledge about how products work best for your skin!

This is your chance!

Don't know PAI and want to try it first? Then discover the PAI bestseller: Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. Order a (random) product and we add - as long as stocks last - a tube of 2 ml. You will immediately see in your shopping basket whether you receive the Rosehip Oil!