Skincare advice based on a selfie!

By COSMANIA - 29 June 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare

We are proud to be the first in the Benelux to introduce the digital Skin Advisor that provides a personalized online skin care advice based on a selfie! The 'digital beauty consultant' helps you to find products that perfectly suits your skin concern, personal preferences and environmental factors. After uploading and analyzing your selfie, COSMANIA's Digital Skin Advisor advises you a complete skincare routine, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

 How does it work?
• The online tool analyzes your selfie based on computer vision technology with 68 different measurements on the face, including fine lines / wrinkles (on different
areas of the face), puffiness, dark circles, spots, redness, hyperpigmentation etc.

Where is the advice based on?
• The base is a computer vision technology (based on questions from instore customers)
• The advice contains environmental factors (humidity, UV radiation, pollution).
• And combines the results with collective intelligence in e-commerce and machine learning.
• The result is a advice about the products from our complete, current skin care range.
• The skin care advice consists a complete morning and evening skin care ritual (cleansing, scrub, serum, eye cream, day / night cream).
• The Skin Advisor provides advice on 3 budget levels: Economy, Mid class and First class.

Marije Hoff: "We are very pleased that we can help our online customers now on a advice level as we already did in our shop in Amsterdam. This innovative tool offers our online customers a complete advice that suits perfectly to their preferences and skin type. "

Marcel Dekker continues: "COSMANIA leads the online beauty retail with this innovative, interactive tool. The Skin Advisor is available as a digital beauty consultant for our online shopper, giving a personal touch to online beauty shopping."

We work together with the Finnish/American Revieve who develops the software and maintains the database. COSMANIA launches the Skin Advisor as part of the new online store. You will find the digital Skin Advisor here at the webshop / mobile / tablet of