The difference! The Bamboo Matte Créme and Bamboo Glow Créme

By COSMANIA - 24 June 2018
You may already have seen them on the webshop and instore… we are selling the new Bamboo Matte Cream and Bamboo Glow Cream from Erborian! We often get the question what the difference is between these new products compared to the Matte Créme and the Glow Cream from Erborian. Are you curious about this? Keep on reading!

  Bamboo Matte Créme                 Bamboo Glow Créme                  Matte Créme                      Glow Créme

The Bamboo Matte Cream and the Bamboo Glow Cream are new products from the, already existing, Bamboo range from Erborian with the Bamboo Waterlock Complex. These creams lock in and maintain natural water levels in your skin instantly. The main function is to give your skin a hydration boost, with a glowy or matte finish as an extra effect! The Bamboo Matte Cream and Bamboo Glow Cream are more subtle than the Matte Cream and Glow Cream.

Hydration is good for every skin! Both Bamboo Crémes are, just like the normal Glow Cream, suitable for all skin types. The Matte Cream works better for the more oily skins, because this product is extremely mattifying.