The modern wellness products of The|Tides

By COSMANIA - 20 March 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz


With seasoned experience in the international spa and wellness world, the Dutch brand The | Tides has turned its successes into a new body- and skincare brand that takes spa and wellness products to a new level of relaxation. 

As an authentic Dutch spa and wellness brand, The | Tides offers products made with Dutch ingredients in combination with innovative spa and wellness techniques that work effectively and efficiently. At The| Tides they believe that wellness should be approached from the inside and that it has everything to do with the way we take care of ourselves, physically and mentally. Our modern lifestyle is hard on our mind and body; 24/7 connectivity, long working days, and the constant race to the top that often goes hand in hand with anxiety and stress deplete our vitality and strength. That's why the brand strives for a balance between the modern lifestyle and a holistic, highly relaxing approach to synchronizing the body and brain. "Basically, we wanted to create a modern pharmacy that was carefully crafted to heal and nourish the body and brain from within and restore our physical and emotional balance in order to continue to function well in the modern world, while living life to the fullest". - Annemarie L. Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs (the founders of The | Tides).


The | Tides always strives to combine the best of science with the best of nature. The brand creates organic, all-natural skincare products and therapeutic oils with a high concentration of active natural botanical and mineral ingredients. These ingredients are completely clean and of the highest quality, sustainably produced and 100% biodegradable. The main ingredients in The | Tides products are the 100% pure, raw and locally produced magnesium and the sustainably grown seaweed and algae. Both the seaweed and algae are cultivated in purified seawater along with sea salts, clay, sea plants, herbs and essential oils that ensure natural wellbeing and give the best results.


The|Tides - Dream Catcher | Body Bath & Foot Soak 
This beautiful blend of lavender, magnesium and seaweed helps to reduce muscle tension and stress. It also helps against fatigue and insomnia. The bath salts have a calming and stabilizing effect when you feel tired and the daily tensions and stressors are a bit overwhelming.
TIP: If you don't have a bath you don't have to miss out on this relaxing experience; the bath salts are also very good to use in a lovely foot bath. After all, your feet absorb substances the best.

The|Tides - Liquid Chill Pill | Magnesium Body Oil 
The ultimate daily ritual to help develop strong internal fitness to remain resilient to both physical and emotional stress. This pure magnesium oil fights muscle tension, cramps and fatigue and improves the quality of sleep.

The|Tides - Peace Out | Aromatherapy Balm | Roll On 
Roll yourself to sleep with this aromatic roller, made to bring peace and quiet to the mind.  The soothing blend of lavender, petit grain and ho wood helps you unwind before you go to sleep. It has a calming and stabilizing effect on the nervous system.

The|Tides - Tales of the Ocean | Facial Mask 
This brilliant, super nourishing, skin-healing powder works as a face mask and exfoliating scrub at the same time. The mask combines all the bio-available vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids and fatty acids needed for healthy and radiant skin. The blend of marine phyto-plankton, fossilized algae and acerola increases collagen production and cell renewal, brightens the skin immediately and deeply hydrates, soothes and rejuvenates.
TIP: The mask also works great as a cleavage, hand and foot mask. Great for traveling because of the powder form and as an instant facial mask.

The|Tides - Ocean Skin Food | Bio Active Facial Oil 
This ultra nourishing and balancing skin oil made from organic and potent marine plants and seaweed, forms a superfood for the skin and sinks directly into the skin to repair and revitalize from within. The deliciously fragrant blend of sea buckthorn, seaweed, rosehip and vitamin E increases collagen production and improves the structure, elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also hydrates, soothes and brightens the skin. That is what makes this oil an absolute must-have for all skin types.

The|Tides - Salty Me | Magnesium & Sea Salt Body Polish
This energy-boosting, mineral-rich body scrub provides a smooth texture and radiant shine. The combination of fresh eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint with magnesium and mineral-rich salt crystals detoxifies and removes dead skin cells and harmful substances. The exfoliating scrub also improves blood circulation, making the skin softer and revitalized.