The ultimate anti-aging products

By COSMANIA - 05 March 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare

Do you have fine lines and  wrinkles?

We don’t really like it, but (fine) lines and wrinkles are simply part of the aging process of the skin. Although we cannot stop time, we can make our greatest wish - aging beautifully - come true. With -of course - a little help from the right products. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays and choose products with the best ingredients. You will find a selection of our amazing anti-aging products below!

A step ahead

The Advanced Renewal Moisturizer softens the appearance of lines, while the antioxidant-rich apple stem cell protects against environmental influences. After use the resistance of the skin is increased and well hydrated.

all-in one
Photo finish

This luxurious, lightly whipped cream - with probiotic peptides and 100% pure, concentrated bio-organic ingredients - revitalizes, firms and soothes the skin. Apply to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning after cleansing. Massage to stimulate circulation.

smooth skin
Lift your eyes

This eye cream, including Rhodiola rosea, reduces swelling under the eyes by stimulating blood circulation. It also provides an immediate lifting effect and the skin is nourished by betaine (from sugar beets) for hydration.

fresh look  

This luxurious leave-on cream mask is packed with concentrated antioxidants and peptides. The result after use is a visibly lifted, hydrated skin with a beautiful glow. Apply a thin layer in the morning and massage in gently, then leave it on (or rinse with warm water after 20 minutes).

luxurious leave-on
Oh hello 

Give your skin this treatment: apply one ampoule every evening to a clean, cleansed face for one week. After a week, your skin is full of energy, well hydrated and has a beautiful glow. It also helps to fight fine lines, pigmentation and other signs of skin aging.

super boost 
Beauty sleep

Wake up again with a fresh, visibly firm and fuller skin! This night cream is rich in Persian silk tree extract to support the skin's natural detoxification, it contains retinol for anti-aging effect and hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin.

well rested skin