Watch out! Addictive Aurelia gifts!

By COSMANIA - 24 January 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare
Lovely travel duo for free! SOLD OUT

Skincare exceeding the highest expectations and therefore winner of over a 100 awards! That’s Aurelia Probiotic Skincare! And it even gets better as an Aurelia purchase over €50 brings you travel sizes of the day moisturizer and the serum, worth €50, for free!

go for the probiotic gift
Superstar Serum

This intense and lightweight probiotic concentrate banishes pigmentation, wrinkles and dullness and makes your skin glow again!

go for transformation
Sleeping beauty

Dream away with a mix of neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin. This intensive Cell Repair Night Oil does its job while you are sleeping.

sleep yourself pretty
Just sit down & relax

These lightweight botanical essences or facial sprays with advanced probiotic technology give your skin and mind an extra energy boost or let you unwind in times of stress, a lack of sleep or a jetlag. Whatever essence you choose, they will give you a soft glowy skin. tekst in.

spray it on
Body wonder

Firm up and hydrate your skin with this nourishing and refined multifunctional ‘Firm & Revitalise dry’ body oil from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare!

addictively good
A hands-on approach

Diminish pigmentation, restore and nourish your hands and nails with this lovely, advanced Aromatic Repair & Brighten hand cream.

rub it in