We have a new brand: THE|TIDES

By COSMANIA - 02 April 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz , Skincare , Sleep

Tatadataaa! We have a new brand: THE|TIDES

The wellness products of our new brand THE|TIDES offer physical and mental relaxation in these confusing times. They are formulated with sustainably obtained, biodegradable, organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. So strengthen your immunity, boost your energy level and improve your sleep quality!

strengthen your immunity

Restore inner strength and balance

THE|TIDES Energy Booster Body Bath & Foot Soak quickly dissolves your fatigue in the bath, whether it is physical or mental. And don't you have a bath? No problem, the Energy Booster Body Bath & Foot Soak can also be used as a foot bath.

get more energy
Boost your scalp

THE|TIDES Scalp Booster Energizing Scalp Treatment is a superfood for your hair, with magnesium, seaweed, chlorella and rosemary. It balances the sebum level of the scalp and improves circulation. Because it promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles, THE|TIDES Scalp Booster combats hair loss. It also provides relief from an itchy scalp.

combat hair loss
Mask up & down

THE|TIDES offer two masks: Tales of the Ocean Facial Mask Formula and Secrets of the Waters Body Mask Formula. THE|TIDES Tales of the Ocean Facial Mask is both a face mask and scrub. The added acerola (West Indian cherry) contains a lot of vitamin C: this stimulates collagen production and makes pigmentation spots less visible. The mask is also effective against acne and blackheads. Magnesium, chlorella and clay have been added to the body mask. THE|TIDES Secrets of the Waters Body Mask is an expert in improving skin firmness and relieving muscle and joint pain. And a very nice extra: it combats cellulite.

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Prevent sleep problems: chill!

Anyone who suffers from stress will immediately recognize this: you are constantly tired, you do not sleep well, you are irritable and your skin itches all the time. The solution? THE|TIDES Liquid Chill Pill Pure Magnesium Body Oil, a relaxing and strengthening body oil. Liquid Chill Pill rebalances the magnesium level in your body. This has many advantages because you sleep better, your immune system gets stronger and it supports the absorption of calcium.

This way you stay chill
Get that glow

THE|TIDES Salty Me Magnesium & Sea Salt Body Polish is a body scrub based on magnesium and mineral-rich salt crystals that leaves your skin silky smooth. The scrub stimulates circulation and, together with THE|TIDES Secrets of the Waters Body Mask, is the ideal duo against cellulite. You apply Salty Me Magnesium & Sea Salt Body Polish to dry skin and rinse it with warm water.

makes your skin glow
Roll on baby

THE|TIDES has two special aromatherapy balms: Peace Out Aromatherapy Balm 'to wind down' Roll On and Pick Me Up Aromatherapy Balm 'for focus & concentration' Roll On. THE|TIDES Peace Out provides immediate relief from stress with organic lavender essential oil. It also helps you get into your sleep rhythm before you go to bed. Peace Out also offers support with your meditation or yoga practice. THE|TIDES Pick Me Up helps clear your mind, reorganize thoughts and focus better. In addition to a clear head, you will also notice that your mood gets a positive boost. Both Peace Out and Pick Me Up are perfect for traveling, office or home use. You can inhale them directly from the bottle, but you can also apply them locally on your wrists, neck, temples or behind your ears.

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